Τελευταία Ενημέρωση στις Τετάρτη, 02 Μαρτίου 2016

Απαντούν με το δικό τους τρόπο οι μαθητές μας Γιώργος Κυριάκου και Σπύρος Κυριαζάκος με δύο εξαιρετικές εργασίες στο μάθημα των Αγγλικών.
Υπ. καθηγήτρια : Κατερίνα Κλούρα
What makes the perfect teacher?
In order to learn, a student needs more than just being smart. A good teacher is vital to education and there are many of them. But what makes the perfect teacher?
A perfect teacher is one around whom you feel comfortable and know he’ll understand if you do something wrong. He must be strict but also know when to take a joke. He’s a person you don’t fear, despite the fact that he can punish you, but respect and don’t want to make fun of.
But attitude alone isn’t what makes a teacher perfect. A perfect teacher must also have the ability to find the important part of a lesson and then turn it into something understandable which the students can take in easily.
That’s pretty much what defines the perfect teacher in a nutshell. Being a good teacher isn’t all about mastery of the subject you teach. It’s the way you teach it that makes you efficient.
Κυριάκου Γιώργος
What makes the perfect teacher?
There is no denying that the character of teachers in schools is fundamental and determinant for their lessons. But, how should they be?
First of all, we must take into consideration that teachers have changed significantly. In other words, they have become better than thirty years ago. As far as l am concerned, I utterly support that they should try to be friendly and calm so that they do not create riotous situations in class. In addition, a perfect teacher should socialise all students and advise them. Furthermore, they should give solutions to pupils' problems and should inspire students to follow their dreams. Also, to my mind, the perfect teachers should not be young since they have a great deal of experience. Teachers should love their jobs and want to teach children. Tolerance is a great quality but with restrictions. I mean that teachers should be strict so that they are not exploited by pupils and students often trick them. They should be loyal and charitable in order to transmit these values.
At the other end of the spectrum, students have the opportunity to gain intimacy with them and increase their grades. They take their teachers example and start to prefer this job. In this way, students will understand the value of knowledge and can use it in different sectors of their lives,too. Last but not least, l believe that the government has resposibilities for this situation because they do not offer a lot of money to these employees and regard them as overrated. The government must build big schoolrooms with audiovisual devices in order to make the lesson more amazing and attractive.
To sum up, the best course of action would be for teachers to understand this fact and team up for the success of their students.
Κυριαζάκος Σπύρος